Every year, hunters are fortunate to harvest an animal which meets their own personal trophy status. My name is Michael Christensen and my work has pleased customers for more than 20 years. I specialize in Big Game animal mounts, including shoulder mounts, antler plaques, European (skull) mounts, and life-size mammals.

I have always enjoyed the outdoors and the animals that we chase. It is this appreciation for nature which drives me to produce high quailty taxidermy work. The mount is an expression of the memories that we create on our hunts. Why not preserve your memories with a realistic mount that you may enjoy for years to come? I strive to produce a great product at a fair price.

Why should you give me a try?

Rocky Mountain Bighorn
  1. Quality. Quality taxidermy is an art. I give great attention to detail and sculpt the form for a realistic, natural mount. You can be at ease knowing your animal will be in professional hands.

  2. I use professional tanneries and the highest quality materials to produce the end product. I do not cut corners. This ensures that your mount will last for years to come.

  3. I will get your mount to you within one year. Many of my customers will get their mounts back in as quickly as 3 months. I value communication with my customers.


----- Every hunter should contact their taxidermist before their hunt to receive instruction on the care of the animal after harvest. It is always best to get the animal to the taxidermist as quickly as possible. Click here for a free guide on field-care, or stop by and I will show you how to care for your animal after harvest. -----

Quick Reference Prices
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Standard Shoulder Mount Prices:
*May trade cape toward European cost
**I give 10% off, up to $30, for Youth hunters, 17 and under
*Member of the Utah Taxidermist Association
*Award winner at numerous Utah Taxidermy Shows